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1 Trade Logistics Thanks Clients with Pitbull Concert

DALLAS/FORT-WORTH, TX | October 17, 2014

We had a perfect view of the Pitbull/Enrique Iglesias stage from the dual suites at the AA center that 1 Trade Logistics provided for their clients, employees, and friends to celebrate another great year of business. As more and more clients arrived, Juan leaned over and said to me, unprompted “We have great clients, we really do. Very good people.” You could tell that everyone enjoyed being together. And – like the concert – this was a very bicultural and bilingual group of people.

While everyone enjoyed drinks and snacks, we got some pre-show entertainment from relative newcomer J. Balvin. He played crowd-favorites like “6 AM,” “Yo Te Lo Dije,” and “Tranquila.” You may have guessed this guy was Colombian from the Arango family’s enthusiastic response – and he was indeed born in Medellin.

I had a chance to speak with several 1 Trade clients – one had traveled all the way from Mexico City. And everyone had positive things to say about their relationship with 1 Trade. James praised them for attention to detail and speed. “They are always spot on and get the product where it needs to go when it needs to be there,” he explained. And, similarly, Scott said it was customer service that set them apart. “They take care of us. Any little thing, I can call and they just take care of it.”

We were quickly interrupted by Mr. 305.

From the streets of Miami where he was born to Cuban expatriates, the scrappy rapper – who feels like his personality most closely resembles a tenacious (and often outlawed) dog breed – has grown up. “His videos have over six billion views making Mr. Worldwide a walking television network,” the projection screen boasted before he walked out. His setlist was full of smash hits: “Don’t Stop the Party,” “Give me Everything,” “International Love,” “Timber” with Ke$ha, and “Rain over Me” featuring Marc Anthony – just to name a few.

When Pitbull took the stage, I was actually surprised. After all, wasn’t he the headliner? I later discovered that he and Iglesias alternate the opening slot.

The artist formerly known as Armando Christian Pérez came out in a flurry of lights, smoke, confetti, and Miami imagery on the huge video screen behind him. This guy was proud to be from South Florida and was unapologetically patriotic about the USA, exclaiming America to be the best “M0@!## F*#$(*%” country on the planet. Between the visuals of palm trees, ferraris, G5s, and his on-stage guapas bailando, Mr. Worldwide was a brash version of the American Dream, embodied. The energy was high and Pitbull didn’t, in fact, stop the party for the entirety of his setlist.

There was a brief intermission while the stage crew set up for Julio Iglesias, Jr. Spanish-born Enrique Iglesias hasn’t been in the news as much as Pitbull for the past five years, but when he starts singing you instantly remember that he’s been making hits for for a lot longer. Who doesn’t know “Hero,” “Bailamos,” or “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)”? The crowd cheered loudly when he walked out.

What his set lacked in Pitbull-like energy, it made up for with sincerity. He slowed it down for ballads like “El Perdedor, and “Lloro por Ti.” It was a nice touch when he re-staged at the back of the arena, saying, “when I was a kid, I used to say it must suck to be all the way at the back. So I’m gonna make sure I do something nice for you.” The crowd loved it.

Enrique picked up the tempo for his last 4 or 5 songs and finished strong with “Bailando.” He then brought Pitbull back on stage for a “(Baby) I Like It” duet finale. Then they released enough confetti to keep the AA center cleaning crew up all night.

I can’t think of two more different stories than Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias – Iglesias was practically handed the keys to the kingdom by Julio, his father, while Pitbull grew up poor and disconnected from the music business. Iglesias was a teen idol while Pitbull had to fight the idea that he wasn’t good looking enough to be on-stage. Yet, here were these two guys performing with equal billing. Both were very entertaining and they are both inspirational American stories, in their own way.

This definitely wasn’t your typical company party. It was a hell of a lot better than that. I know that Juan and Sol truly wanted to say “thank you” and feel deeply appreciative to all of the hard-working clients and employees of 1 Trade Logistics. From my perspective, it was a mission accomplished. ¡Dallle!

– G. Moore (

“They take care of us. Any little thing, I can call and they just take care of it.” - Scott | 1 Trade Client
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