Courier and Delivery Service in Dallas / Fort Worth

1 Trade Logistics has established an excellent parcel delivery service to most of Central, South America and the Caribbean out of its corporate DFW based office since 2005. Our mission is to provide a superior transportation service at a competitive price, with an emphasis on great service, communication, and professionalism. Our experienced employees have expertise in all areas of transportation, and our flexibility allows us to adapt quickly to our customer’s needs.

We specialize in international courier services. We provide personal and friendly courier and delivery service through a hands on approach by our entire Worldwide team of professionals, agents and partners. So whatever you need delivered, we will have it delivered to it’s destination as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

We offer courier and delivery services for all of your shipments from Dallas / Fort Worth and can meet all of the requirements needed to have your parcels delivered. The management and employees at 1 Trade Logistics are committed to providing the most cost-effective and reliable courier and logistics solutions to you our customers by connecting you with the global community in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Send a package home to your family with confidence. With our small parcel delivery service we will assure that your package will deliver right to their doorstep on time.

Personal Courier Air service (by the pound) is now providing services to:

  • Colombia – $2.70/ lb min 14 lbs.
  • Mexico – $3.80/lb min 10 lbs
  • Chile – $9.50/lb min 10 lbs
  • Honduras – $12.00/lb min 5 lbs
  • Guatemala – $10.50/ lb min 10 lbs
  • El Salvador – $9.00/lb min 5 lbs
  • Venezuela – $ 8.50/lb (to Caracas)$9.50/lb (outside Caracas) min 10 lbs
  • Ecuador – $65.00 for 8 lbs ( 8 lbs is limit to Ecuador)
  • Panama (only Panama City delivery) – $7.99/ lb min 10 lbs.
  • Chile – $9.50/lb min 10 lbs
  • Dominican Republic – $7.50/lb Min 10 lbs
  • Uruguay – $9.00/lb min 10 lbs
  • Peru – $7.50/lb min 10 lbs

Please call for more information on taxes, insurance, and time of delivery.

Personal Courier Service via Ocean (by volume) :

  • Nicaragua
  • Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Venezuela
  • Mexico

All Packages must be boxed, and prices vary by the dimensions, please call for more information

“We use 1 Trade Logistics to
ship all of our packages home to
Colombia over the holidays. They
always get there on time and they
are usually less expensive than
the big guys. Much better service
too.”Claudia Sanchez